Discover the Hottest Method to Skyrocket Your Conditioning and Keep Slabs of Hard-Earned Chiseled Muscle without Changing Your Favorite Workouts

And it only takes a few minutes…. SERIOUSLY

From Travis Stoetzel, CSCS and Mike Whitfield, CTT …

There's actually something you can literally plug into your muscle-building program right now that can take your conditioning to a ridiculously high level and will have you so pumped up workout after workout, you will regret that you haven't used these sooner to drop fat and keep your hard-earned muscle at the same time.

It's actually our fault. More on that in a little bit…

But First, Can You Tell Us How:

  • Your muscles got tighter, without changing your workout program?
  • Your body fat melted, yet you also found yourself making amazing gains in both size and strength?
  • Your belly fat is shrinking, yet the scale doesn't show a drop at all in weight showing that you have kept every lb of muscle put on?
  • Your conditioning has gone through the roof, and you haven't touched a treadmill in 7 months?

If This Isn't You, That's OK. Again, it's Our Fault.

I've been so focused on helping people lose fat, I didn't even think about you. That's on me. I am in the fat loss niche, while Travis is in the … well, Beast Mode niche.

I've seen how fast his programs have been able to put on muscle without getting that belly bigger. It's a hard feat.

I am actually blown away at how far you have come. The sleeves on your shirt have almost become stretched. Your biceps are about 1" bigger, which people have noticed.

But, you're torn, and I can understand that. You have gotten really jacked, but you wouldn't mind dropping some fat.

Yeah, But You Can't Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time – FALSE

For one thing, I've seen Travis complete that with his coaching clients. But since you're a science nerd, here is a study to read:

Men and Women Lost 4lbs of Fat While Gaining 4lbs of Muscle

The study was completed at Purdue University and published in 2007. The researchers assigned men and women to a 3-day per week workout schedule, where subjects would complete a resistance training circuit.

The workout program wasn't the best, but the results showed these men and women were able to gain an average of 4 pounds of muscle and lose 4 pounds of fat in only 12 weeks.

As a result, their bodyweight didn't change, because they gained the same amount of muscle as they lost in fat.

Now that you agree that you can put on muscle while shedding fat simultaneously, Travis and I discovered a way to do it even FASTER, while improving your agility, conditioning and stamina.

You'll be flying up the stairs without getting winded. That one change alone will make a big difference in your life wouldn't it?

This Method is Only for the Few That Are Willing to Put in the Hard Effort

When Travis came to me with this idea of blending the magic of metabolic workout finishers and his style of conditioning so that you can keep your hard-earned muscle while you burn fat, I thought it was brilliant.

But we both agreed that this program will benefit you if you:

  • Are willing to work hard and leave it all on the floor… and we mean all of it
  • Are willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to see results not only in the mirror, but with every day activities, like playing sports or with your kids
  • Have the motivation to challenge yourself like you never have before, but the resilience to see it through to see a difference in your stamina in the gym

Who this Program is Not For

If you're a whiner or you're looking for some "fun ways" to finish your workout, this program isn't for you. However, since you enjoy Travis's "Thursday Throwdowns", you're going to rock this thing because it's what you were born to do.

If you're willing to work, then you can be jacked and ripped, like:

If Something This Good Was Designed to Tell You It's Easy, this Would Just Be Another Internet Program

But the truth is that it's not. Travis and I outlined what you can plug into your muscle program, but we have been up front and honest with you. They are NOT easy. Your efforts will be Hardcore.

The speed at which you make progress with your conditioning while keeping your muscle will be Hardcore.

Sounds Like a Hardcore Finisher

Indeed it is. Travis and I have put together 31 of the most advanced and cutting edge finishers as a team to help you burn fat, keep your hard-earned muscle and boost your conditioning and stamina all at the same time.

The best part? They only take minutes.

If you're ready, and I can understand if you're not because only those with the high desire to create your ideal outcome will be willing to invest themselves into a program like this; we put together a blueprint for you:

Here's What You'll Get

Component 1 - 31 Hardcore Finishers - Plug these finishers at the end of your favorite muscle-building workout program to shred fat and build muscle simultaneously. You'll increase your conditioning as well as any athlete. Travis and Mike put their heads together for the most unique hardcore finishers on the planet including the "99 Problems but the Twitch Ain't One" and "The Clean and Press Burpee Lullaby" finishers.

A $47.00 Value

Component 2 - Ultimate Sled and Prowler Finishers - If you don't use a sled or prowler, you will now after Travis has tested them with his coaching clients and athletes. Incorporating these finishers will increase your aerobic capacity and skyrocket your strength training endurance.

A $29.99 Value

Component 3 - How to Make Your Own Dragging Sled - That's right. Travis gives you the blueprint to create your own conditioning beast and in no time, you'll be using one of the best tools on the planet to become a well-oiled conditioned beast.

A $29.99 Value

Component 4 - DIY Homemade Strength - Travis delivers again with how to make your backyard a strength and conditioning playground. This bonus alone will get you jacked and ripped anywhere.

A $29.99 Value

Component 5 - DIY How to Make Your Own Sandbag - The power of sandbag training is not out of reach like you think. Chisel your entire body using the sandbag. Travis shows you the step-by-step process of how to make one of your own so you can carve out muscle with this one amazing tool.

A $29.99 Value

Travis and I have put together a done-for-you system that you literally plug in with any of your muscle programs. Be ready to sky rocket your stamina in the gym.

When sold separately, the total value of these hardcore manuals is $166.96. But with this special Hardcore package, you get all the above materials for only $39.00

Travis and I stand by our word. If you try this program for 60 days (yes, 60 days) and decide it's not for you or you are not getting the results you're looking for, we will gladly refund every single penny. Not a problem at all.

When sold separately, the total value of these hardcore manuals is $166.96. But with this special Hardcore package, you get all the above materials for only $39.00

Alright, let's do this. It's time to go hardcore or go home,

Travis Stoetzel, CSCS and Mike Whitfield, CTT

P.S. If you're hesitant on investing yourself in this program, you may not be ready and we understand. Like Travis and I decided, only the dedicated will be willing to put in this kind of effort, and that's why we named it Hardcore Finishers.

Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. Travis and Mike have worked with thousands of people both offline and online and we know this works (see the success stories above), but you have to put in the effort.